Monday, July 25, 2011

Multiple Blessings!

Tomorrow Taylor will be 8 months old!  She is such a precious angel!  My son and daughter-in-law have made me very proud of them because of the  parents they have become.  My grandsons are happy and the best boys I've seen since my own two sons were their age.  Today it RAINED...yes, rained in the Texas panhandle!  At my house I received a quarter of an inch!  I can change that 1.52 to 1.77 for the year.  Hey, we may hit 2 inches by the end of summer.  We had a lot of thunder before the rain started and I kid you not, my girl dogs went balistic!  I realized they are barely two years old.....they don't remember thunder!  Max, my white schnauzer just looked at them like "Really? it won't 'get' you." One of the sweetest friends I have had and not heard from in forever sent me an email today. My moss rose was blooming like crazy this morning and made me smile. My younger son sent me an email and texted me a bunch of was good to hear from him. And best of all, tomorrow I get to start babysitting my granddaughter 4 days a week! I went over to see her today.  My daughter-in-law, Kali, Taylor and I were in the floor and I was talking to Taylor...who gave me one of those looks, then turned to her Momma and told her something, quite a bit of something, in her little baby yell voice (she can be a loud little baby!). It was too funny! Obviously she was saying "Momma, this is that woman who comes over in the afternoon while Aunt Casey is taking care of me and she takes my picture and then tries to rock me to sleep when I may be rubbing my baby eyes but I do NOT want to go to sleep!"


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