Sunday, July 24, 2011

Throw in the Trowel?

I was thinking about just pulling up the garden, putting the plants in the compost barrel, and quit pouring water on them.  Water from the hose is just not the same as water from the sky.  I have only harvested a few yellow squash, about 5 cherry tomatoes every day or two, and since we have been asked to only water 2 or 3 days a week everything is wilted.  And the 100 degree weather, I am suprised I have any plants still alive. 

Zuchinni plants looking pretty sad
   <--24 hours ago the eggplants looked like this.  I watered them and they perked right up but I just went out and they look like this again
But wait.....
my corn is short but after I watered it last night it perked right up and  looks fairly good.  It has these tassels or something growing.... not sure what that means.

A baby watermelon.  This pic is almost lifesize.  I have no idea how long it takes to get from this size to harvesting size.  I have never grown corn or watermelons before.
this is a tiny watermelon that somehow is growing in a bucket of squash

Travis' row of canteloupe have lots of blooms....but again, it is almost August, I have no idea if canteloupes have enough time to grow before the first freeze.  Why, yes, it is almost a 100 degrees today and I am worrying about the first freeze??? Why do yo ask?   The thing is, the 10 day forecast has us only with a 10% chance of rain on a couple of days.  I can not even remember when it last rained.  Is it worth it to keep watering with city water at about $75 a month? Actually only about $35 of water is going on the yard and garden but I'm not getting a $1 worth of veggies a day.  Very discouraging.  I was hoping I would be eating alot of veggies out of this garden.  I pictured a plate of homegrown black eyed peas, sliced tomatoes, slices of canteloupe, corn on the cob, fried zuchinni. I should have saved my money instead of putting it in this garden. Sigh.  I could just cry.  After years of living in an apartment when I bought this house I was so in hopes that I could grow a lot my own food.
A lot of my flowers look like this but my mandavilla is beautiful.  I hope to bring it inside and keep it alive over the winter.                 

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