Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My dogs' backpack

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The news is on and I just heard that this time last year we had received almost 15 inches of rain for the year, right now we are still stuck at 1.52 inches BUT it is cloudy, it is lightning, it is possible that we are in for a storm!  Not definite, but possibly some rain.  Since it is often none or a humdinger of a storm I have my dogs' backpack ready. That is it up on the couch.  You know how you are suppose to have a 72 hr kit for members of your family? Well, what about your furry kids?  I keep one by the back door for the dogs. The black thing in this photo is a backpack I got at a garage sale.  The towel goes in it, a water bowl, some pkgs of dog food, a couple of toys and every leash and old collar we have.  If I had bottled water I would put one in there.  I have a small dog blanket that will fit in there and actually I don't put that green towel, I have a couple of old towels but they are the same oatmeal color as my couch so i didn't think they would show up in the pic. What else should I put in there? and no, it did not rain :(

Zoe is thinking "wait a minute, THAT is my long lost toy!"

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