Friday, July 22, 2011

8 random thoughts from my overheated brain post # 113

  1. Thurs. was day 27 of temperatures 100 or higher this summer and it is now officially the hottest summer in the Tx panhandle since records have been kept. The heat has made me cranky. lethargic. grateful for A/C. and hoping for an early fall.
  2. 4 lbs of ant killer did not kill the ants. None of them.
  3. My grandsons are not babies any more. Mason is going to inter- mediate school this year and Travis will be in his last year of elementary school. How did that happen? And why would Mason's school supply list include 70 pencils? 70? Really? 
  4. I have been craving that grilled corn guacamole pictured on - but I don't have a grill. I don't think corn on a George Foreman grill would be the same.
  5. My 3 dogs love me like only dogs can.  They are by my side constantly.  When I sit in my comfy chair Gracie is always, always snuggled down on my left.  Zoe often lays her head on the right arm of my chair, and Max prefers my lap, or if he is hot, he lays across the recliner's footrest (my feet just fit in wherever they can).  The girls' sleep with their heads on the pillow next to mine and Max sleeps at my feet, unless he is cold and then in the bend of my knees.  My grandson calls them my bodyguards because when I walk usually all 3 surround me.  If I don't let them go in the bathroom with me this is what I see:  
 Zoe's nose, Gracie's feet.  Max sits behind them waiting for me because he thinks the girls are silly to stick their paws and noses under the door. He's mature like that. 

6.  I could be wrong, but I believe my granddaughter is thinking "Really? You have that camera out again?"
 7.  My son is planning on going to the University of Washington next year.  Seattle's high Thurs was 68.  Thurs our high was over 100. I plan to visit him every July he lives there.
8.  It is 3 a.m. and I just checked ..... 20 people are reading my blog right now.  I don't believe that; I think the counter is suffering from the heat as well. Or, it is so hot no one can sleep. 

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