Monday, July 4, 2011

Attack on the Fire Ants

Post # 97

My yard has just been crawling with ants for months but I didn't have an ant bed in my yard.  I am surrounded by acres that are covered in some buffalo grass, but mostly weeds, 3 or 4 feet high and so thick I wouldn't try to walk through them.  A couple of days ago the guy had his property mowed so this afternoon I ventured  over there looking for ant beds. This pkg of granules weighed 4 lbs, I thought I had enough to get every ant bed.  I lost count of how many big ant beds I found and I was out of granules  before I covered anywhere near a 1/6 of his property but I could see dozens more without even trying to find them.  I am about to google and see what I can find for a natural ant killer since multiple bags of ant killer are not in the budget this month.  The pkg says "kills in 24 hours"...I'm counting down.....maybe those ants will be dead and I can scoop up the leftover granules and move them on to another bed!

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