Thursday, July 7, 2011


Post # 101
These are 2 glass lamp shades from a pole lamp that bit the dust.  They have a round opening in the bottom that slipped over the light bulb.  I would like to turn them into birdbaths but I don't know what to do about the hole.  I thought about glueing a Cool Whip lid on the bottom and just setting them in the flowerbeds but I am afraid any kind of glue would just melt in our 100 degree weather.  Any ideas? If not birdbaths amongst my flowers then what else could I do with them?  Can't bear to just throw them out.



Casey said...

I think birdbath is a good idea

Mom said...

Me too! I want birdbaths but what do I do about the hole in the bottom? And thank you, baby girl, for leaving comments....I now know I have at least one reader! Well, you and my good friend Tammy, she has left a comment too