Monday, July 4, 2011

It Started Because The Neighbors Could See In

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The "hole" in the bottom of the
door is a doggie door...
one of the best purchases I ever made!

  The people that have been remodeling the house next door have moved in.  My back door is all window on the upper half and you can see straight through to the kitchen ( and me going from my bedroom to any other part of the house).  At night when the people next door would be working on the rooms that face my back door I realized they can see me and I can see them so....a visit to Walmart for curtains.  Probably my favorite color is blue, and I love gingham checks so it took me about 2 seconds to pick out a curtain and be in the check out line.  I have some blue placemats edged with checked fabric that I have had forever; got a beautiful ceramic set at a garage sale last year that has blue on it; the dogs' rug that they are suppose to eat on but don't is blue; an old blue and white checked table cloth----and throw it all together and you have a blue and white utility room/mud room/ back door.  I put the table cloth on a tension rod to see if that would help keep junk from falling behind the washer and dryer. The white ceramic items are there to keep us from dumping everything on the first flat service in the back door...the appliances... and the place mats are under the ceramic items just because I like to see them. 
The big crock is for dryer lint, the watering
pitcher has dryer sheets in it, and in the
smaller crock I planted hobbit jade.
I planted ivy in the three little pots

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