Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Poat # 196 Hallelujah!  I saw my new psychiatrist today and she prescribed something that is not only suppose to work for major depressive disorder (me),  anxiety disorder  (me) but it also is often prescribed for diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain (not me, but my Morton's Neuroma is a nerve pain so she is suggesting it might also help with this).  Since my not taking medications for my depression left my emotions so RAW, my depression really, really bad and anixety not at a suitable level ....not to mention a total inability to concentrate, READ, focus, comprehend....I am so grateful for the opportunity to give this drug a try.   Holidays are a difficult time for me anyway, so this could not have come at a better time.  I have high hopes for a better quality of life if this drug works for me.  If you have tried Cymbalta and had good results please let me know.  I need all the hope and encouragement I can get that life will not always feel the way it has for too long now. 


KMOthus said...

Good for you! I do hope it works and I know what you mean about holidays. Sometimes what helps me is to remember it is just another day and the things that make you down are the things that we attached to the day... what is suppose to happen on that day... One thanksgiving my daughter called me upset she had to work and she had just check in a family and she saw how loving they were etc. Then I said they are on their first day of vacation (she works in a hotel) do you think that they were like that all the time. You get a look at how they are on the last day of there visit when everyone is tired and ready to go home. This help her understand the Beaver home life well once you get under the surface most families have all kinds of problems... problems are part of life that keeps us alive... how boring would life be without problems. Hey what do I know I am mess most of the time anyway Wishing you blue skies and warm sun shine.

What Wilma Did said...

PLease let me know how you are doing on the Cymbalta.. my doctors are wanting me to take it for nerve pain and I am really not wanting to ... I took it one day and I was sick to my stomach and in bed all day and so I decided I did not have time for that.. they told me that feeling would only last a few weeks but I can't stand that feeling.