Wednesday, November 2, 2011

God Bless Those Who Can Comfort Soldiers

post # 200
I wanted post #200 to be something other than I usually do like I cleaned my bathroom, or I made cookies that I like but I am afraid you won't like them because I get paranoid about suggesting things, or here is a pic of a turtle in my yard.    I wanted post #200 to be something special.....I think I found it.....a link to

I read a blog written by a quilter ( and her post today was re: this lady needing quilts for Quilts of Valor for the No Soldier Forgotten project in Colorado.  What an absolutely wonderful thing this lady, and all those who make quilts for this cause, are doing.  So far, the quilters I have read about online have all been super generous and caring people.  Judy from the site above has spearheaded missions to provide quilts for TX wildfire victims and for victims of the tornado at Joplin.   I wish I had the equipment and money it would take to make quilts as I would love to make quilts for hospitalized soldiers.  I think I will put that on my vision board.
     Vision board? I first heard about vision boards on Oprah....   I am not pushing any one's book or ideology. I just believe in the power of positive thinking.  Anyone out there ever tried a vision board and have something positive you want to share?  And I miss Oprah.

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