Sunday, November 20, 2011

From she who will tell you anything...179 lbs!

At 18 I weighed 110 lbs.  At 25 and 9 months pregnant I weighed 175, in my 30's I weighed 130-ish,  for my 40th birthday a friend gave me a vhs tape of Richard Simmons' Sweatin' With the Oldies because I had ballooned up to 153 lbs.  It didn't work.  (OHhhh, you mean you can't just WATCH it???)  During my 40's I was sick the entire decade, my sick leave record with the city will attest.....constantly had a stomach bug, migraines, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, hysterectomy, lumpectomy, strep throat, sinus infection, shots in my knee, URI...just constantly sick.  My immune system was MIA.  People at work used to say I was the sickest human they ever met (it did not make me feel any better).    If anyone had a virus of any kind I caught it.  For the asthma I was given rounds of prednisone and I swear all I had to do was pick up the prescription and I immediately gained 10 lbs...prednisone will make you gain weight like nothing else.  Then the depression got seriously bad and that added antidepressants that caused weight gain (as if I weren't depressed enough). By 50 I was 200 lbs.  In my 50's I briefly (for 5 minutes) weighed 180 after 6 months of Weight Watchers and shear determination (money was involved---it was an employer program) but within a 6 months I was back up to 200.    During those years I walked many, many miles for exercise, then the Morton's Neuroma raised it's ugly knot of nerves and I could barely stand on my feet.  I continued to count Weight Watcher  points occasionally, tried to watch what I ate (sorta), every Monday said this was the week to stick to the diet and if I made it a day that was a good week.  I love food.  In August I weighed 204.  I just gave up even thinking I was going to diet and exercise.  About then is when the Morton's Neuroma really flared up bad and I was in excruciating pain for months and going for a walk was impossible.  During that time I also lost my insurance and medication and I guess that did the trick (not having antidepressants).  I have lost 25 lbs in the past 3 months.  I don't know why.  I have kept drinking Dr Pepper and Cokes.  I have had cinnamon rolls on a regular basis.  If anything I think it is stress, lack of then a change in medication, and what I eat.  Since it is just me and the dogs I don't cook anymore.  Well, I haven't cooked since my mind is just to crazy to concentrate enough to try to follow a recipe or remember to time things but anyway....I like my crockpot.  I make vegetable stew an awful lot.  If stew is not in the crockpot then pinto beans are.  I eat either beans and cornbread or a bowl of stew just about every day.  I eat cornbread alot which is high in calories.  I don't really know how I have lost any weight.  I still eat ice cream.  However it happened I hope it continues.  By May I would love to weigh 130.  That would be perfect I think and make me be at a healthy weight.  But for today I am just really happy to be 179


KMOthus Art said...

Good for you Good for you. I sit here and I am not hungry but we have ordered a pizza because I really want to eat a pizza. After my fourth child I was 180 and then I went back to school and taking care of the house helping my husband with his business etc. I lost all the way to 120 in like 6 months. I ate one meal a day of what ever I wanted. Sub and cake ok... then every night I would try to leave one bite on the plate and so on... then one day I took a test and called my mom because I knew I had flunked it and my mother said "go make yourself a sandwich you will fell better" when I got off the phone I thought how can a sandwich make me feel better? By then I only ate when I was really really hungry and I lost down to 116 pd and thought I was sick so I started back eating any time for any reason and have been eating every since. Enjoy!!

carol said...

Sometimes food is just so darn good, whether you are hungry or not! I took my grandkids to get ice cream this afternoon and it was good!

Anonymous said...

I hope it keeps disappearing for you. I would love for 25 pounds to just fall off of me too. Hope you are doing well.

Tammy R.

carol said...

Hey, Tammy! It is so nice to hear from you! I hope you are doing well, had a wonderful Thanksgiving and good rest of the school year. I miss you. If you ever talk to Debbie tell her I said hi and I miss both of you so much!