Sunday, November 6, 2011

Going to McDonald's

Post # 207

Taylor has her coupon and is ready to order!

 In case you never go to McDonald's in October you could purchase a page of coupons for a $1 to hand out for Halloween.  I don't know how many coupons, but a bunch... a dozen maybe.... for a $1 so that is just a great deal.  Coupons are good for ice cream cones, white milk, apple juice, a hamburger, or apple slices.   I don't like Halloween, did not hand out candy or anything else, but I did purchase the pages of coupons for my grandsons and the kids next door and across the street.  Friday Casey and I got to pick up my grandsons after school so we took all 3 of my grandkids to McDonald's to let them use a coupon.  Travis chose to get milk, Mason an ice cream cone and we decided Taylor better go with apple slices.  Her parents let her have applesauce so it seemed like a safe choice.  While we waited in line Taylor patted her cousins on the head.  I'm pretty sure that meant "I love you, man." 

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