Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cloudy With a Chance of Mudballs

Post # 199
Amarillo weather forecast for tomorrow....
"By daybreak strong winds will commence blowing stiffly out of the north behind a cold front at 25 to 35 mph, with higher gusts. Get ready for a cold day! Temperatures will start out in the 40s, but then drop into the 30s during the afternoon. Wind chills will make the air feel like the 20s....Brrr. To add to the fun, a rain snow mix will be possible in our northern counties. On the high side, a couple of inches of snow could be seen across SW Kan/Ok Panhandle. during the day. Even Amarillo could see a drop or flake. However,it looks like blowing dirt will be the main airborne irritant for the Central and Southern Texas Panhandle. By late tomorrow night, the weather will settle down with light winds and a clear sky. As a result, a hard freeze (20s - low 30s) will be witnessed by most locations on early Thursday morning. Thursday afternoon will be pleasant with highs close to 60, followed by a return to the low 70s on Friday." I can see it now, because I have seen in before, blowing mud ice pellets that sting when it hits you.  And visibility...cloudy with a chance of mudballs.  Carwashes will be busy on Friday.

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