Thursday, November 17, 2011

I feel better!  I got myself up and around to take care of Taylor today.  She is still cutting teeth.  I don't remember her being very attached to pacifers when she was a baby but she found one in the toybox today and stuck it in her mouth.  I got it from her and washed it and she decided to keep that in her mouth for a good bit of the morning.  I guess it felt good on her gums, I don't know.  I sucked my thumb forever no matter what my mother did---and she tried all kinds of things---so I have no problem with her having a pacifier for the morning if she wanted one. After awhile she tossed it in favor of my cell.  

I'm watching the news....
  • It got down to 19 degrees last night.  (Brrrr)
  • I am not real excited about flying but I am even less excited when a pilot can get stuck in the bathroom and no one goes to look for him.  (Just sayin'......  maybe the bathrooms need an emergency button, or the pilot, and other employees need walkie talkies??? I don't know, I have never been in an airline bathroom)
  • Amarillo, human population around 200,000 kills more dogs and cats per year than Austin, human population 812,000. a local group is pushing for a no-kill shelter.   (sad, sad, sad how many sweet animals are put down here in Amarillo.....IMHO Amarillo needs to work on animal population control laws first followed by the possibility of a no-kill shelter)
  • A New York man wearing a T-shirt declaring  "I'm not an alcoholic / I'm a drunk / Alcoholics go to meetings"  is facing DWI charges after a collision with a police car.  (sigh. eye-rolling. I have met people who I am sure would wear such a shirt AND drive drunk.)
  • Turkey, TX is a tiny town in the TX panhandle population 494. Animal rights group PETA is asking the town of Turkey, Texas, to change its name to be more vegan friendly.  (oh, please...)
  • Yesterday on Dr. Oz he said if you aren't hungry enough to eat an apple then you aren't hungry.  I thought about that and I think that is true.  Lots of times I have been "hungry" enough to eat a huge bowl of ice cream but at the same time not so hungry that I would eat an apple.  Explains why my almost-vegetarian/anti-fast food/sugar in moderation/no processed food son is so skinny and I am not.  I just saw a  commercial for a processed food that I am sure I will never try  ...  something called Steak-ummms  (it looked like it would taste nasty)  But "processed food" bacon?? -- I rarely buy it because bacon isn't that good for you BUT my favorite processed food is Oscar Meyer precooked bacon....warm it in the microwave for just seconds and you have the best, crispy bacon ever.  I could eat it every two favorite sandwhiches....BLT's, and a sandwhich made out of crushed bacon & shredded cheddar cheese stirred up with Miracle Whip to make a spread ...both eaten on fresh, soft, white bread.  Crumbled bacon over a salad, mixed in pasta salad, bacon on biscuits, strips of bacon on a scrambled egg sandwhich (the only way I will eat eggs).   Oh man, if it weren't so cold I would run to the store and buy some bacon..... it is my sister's fault..... the other day I was stressed and told her I was going to go to MacDonald's to get their pancakes ( I LOVE McD's pancakes) and my sister told me to get them with bacon.  On the menu the choice is with sausage or without sausage but I asked and they made me some bacon....I'm pretty sure it was my beloved Oscar Meyer precooked bacon... it was so good, and I have been craving it ever since.
  • Saturday is "Shop Small" day ---- a good idea ---- the idea is everyone make a purchase from a small business owner on Saturday.  I am sure small business owners need all the help they can get in this economy and up against Wal-mart type places just to stay in business. 
  • I"m not a big Regis fan but I am going to watch Katie Couric's 20/20 program with Regis.  I am a Katie fan.
After I made it through The Mrs. Jeffries book a few days ago I have kept on reading...obviously all the rest I got this week plus being on Cymbalta for 17 days has greatly helped my concentration.  Yesterday I read Leslie Meier's book An English Tea Murder and the day before that I read Maggie Sefton's book Unraveled: a Knitting Mystery.   I am about to start Donna Andrews' The Real Macaw.

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~It's Just Me~ said...

Your granddaughter just gets cuter and cuter! Those are some truly adorable pictures! I am sooo glad you are feeling better! ^^