Friday, November 4, 2011


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     :)   This post is not for the weak stomached!  Today driving through downtown I was at a streetlight next to a cattle hauler.  This reminded me of something so I whipped out my camera and took a photo for you in case you don't live where cattle trucks are common. 
    Being a single mom was not always a piece of cake. My boys knew I was occasionally, well, a lot of the time, a pushover.  Some times I truly believe the Lord stepped in to give me a hand.  Our city is intersected by two highways...I-40 east and west and I-27 north and south.  Being in cattle country means a lot of cattle hauler trucks travel these highways.  The trailers have two levels, a double decker so to speak, and hold a lot of cattle.  Those cows poop and urinate so they are standing in a nasty smelling sludge.  When my boys were young, maybe 7 and 8, we were driving up I-27 through downtown next to such a truck, which is just about a daily occurrence.  It was summertime, I had the car A/C on and the boys were in the back seat with the windows down. I asked them to roll the windows up since the A/C was on, which was followed by "it's hot back here" and "the A/C doesn't even get back here, Mom" from them.  I repeated my request, they repeated their protests while I was stopped at a street light next to the cattle hauler.  As the light turned green the truck and I both started moving forward and at the same time I rolled up the boys windows with the electronic controls. The timing was split second perfect.  The second the window was closed on the side of the car next to the truck that truck lurched forward sloshing enough of that sludge so that my son's window was completely covered in green/brown stinky, nasty, gross, cow poop sludge.  I didn't have to say a thing and we were all too stunned to say anything but eeuuwww! anyway --- we all realized that had I not rolled the window up when I did their little faces would have been covered in that nasty mess. I had no idea that was going to happen! But believe you me, I took that as a teaching moment.  I told them from now on whenever I asked them to do something they had better do it without questioning me because sometimes I know things that they don't and to remind them  if they ever did hesitate I would say "COW POOP".  It worked like a charm!!   Throughout their childhood I said 'cow poop" a million times and whatever I asked for got done!  I have been driving next to a cattle truck a million times in my 57 years and never before or since have I seen cow poop sludge slosh out on a car!


~It's Just Me~ said...

Did you get my email sent ... I think it was yesterday? Anyway, this story is absolutely priceless! I love it!

~It's Just Me~ said...

The Lord sure does work in mysterious ways! You just never know how the help is going to come, but it always does. ^^