Friday, November 18, 2011

Tomorrow is clean house day :(

      My oldest daughter needed to go to the mall so Taylor and I went along.  Santa is not coming until tomorrow but they had the see Santa area all set up and Taylor enjoyed seeing the Christmas trees and the robotic reindeer. 
     I intended to go to town this afternoon just to take a photo to put on this blog but I fell asleep and slept soundly --- through 5 missed phone calls.   At my grandson's elementary school they have races every November...they call them "turkey runs" but NO, turkeys are no way involved, just something fun for the kids to do and parents come watch.  My grandson and several other kids colided causing a pretty darn awful scraped and banged up chin, skinned knees and elbows, but he got up and kept running.  He sort of staggered and fell again...dizzy I gather from the first fall....except this time he hit his head on cement curbing.  Got a pretty good bump on the head, breaking his glasses and cutting his eye area, and more scrapes on his face.  Bless his heart!  Luckily his mom didn't have to be at work until 5 p.m. so she was at the school to have lunch with him and then watch the turkey run so she was there to take care of him.  She was just calling to let me know.  Then this evening my grandson's PaPa and NaNa took the boys to CiCi's Pizza and he walked into a pole!
     The photo I missed getting to take was of the tree going through town on it's way to Washington, DC to be the US Capitol's Christmas tree.  It spent its life in California.  Age is believed to be 118 years.  The Sierra white fir was 63 feet tall and the width of the tree at the base of it's crown is 23 feet.  I am always sad that they cut down these huge trees.  I wish they had just planted a tree to use and let it grow all these years even though it might be a few feet tall instead of 63 feet. But anyway, the tree was in town since I-40 goes through here.  You could go downtown and see it on the truck.  I didn't make it. 
    Whether I want to or not tomorrow is clean-this-house-day so my grandsons can put up Christmas decorations whenever they want to.  There is a lot to do.  I've made my list.  Now to just get up and do it.  I am soooo slow at things like housework.  I wish I had tons of energy and the inner umptf or whatever it is that makes people good and really quick housekeepers.  That is just not my talent.  I'm slow as Moses (Lordly if I had a dollar for every time my mother told me THAT!), it takes me forever to do things other people can do it minutes, I have no energy so I tire out easily and decide to rest when I should just keep on keeping on, I have too much clutter (really, how many plastic Wal-mart or grocery store bags do I need to keep on hand?? how many newspapers do I need in case the dogs have an accident? and papers----I keep stuff I just don't need, but I have been working on throwing away paper I don't articles I have cut out, old bills, junk mail) ..... and instead of cleaning, I look at it, get overwhelmed and would just rather read a book.  Plus, when I am in the black depression hellhole the thought of folding laundry or washing dishes might as well be someone asking me to climb Mt. Everest.  I really wish I had been born different and was a super effective and quick housekeeper, I really do.  About 35 years ago my favorite aunt sent me a cartoon she cut out of her newspaper.  She knew it was me!  I kept it on my fridge until it yellowed and wore out.   I wish I still had it.  It was Hi and Lois, and Lois was looking at this room that looked like a tornado had been through it and in that frame she says "I had so much to do I didn't know where to start..." and the next frame shows her on the couch with a book and she says "so I didn't"    ...   LOL!!!! That is me to a T!  And that is why I love --- she really helps me, mostly because she has sensible tips, she understands and she lets me know that I am not the only one....I really use to think I was (talk about no self esteem) and she shows me there is a way out.  When I have the energy and do her steps life is a lot better.   She says your house didn't get dirty in fifteen minutes and it isn't going to get clean in fifteen minutes but she has steps and tips how to get started and what to do.  Whew...anyway, tomorrow is cleaning day.  It is start over and get this place in shape and then do flylady's steps to keep it that way day.  I will love having a clean house again.  I just hope I can do it.  This is like running a marathon for me and I am not a runner.  Say a prayer for boundless energy for me please!
   and one more note---I have been taking the new med for 18 days now and i am doing better.  My feet have not hurt at all, well except for a few lightning bolts of pain shooting through them, but compared to before that is absolutely nothing.  I have not been on any long walks, not even any short walks for fear of stirring up the Morton's Neuroma pain plus I was in the throws of depression from not having medication for months, then the weather got cold and the wind has blown furiously, then physically I have been sick for the entire month ...  first I had that ongoing stomach flu that took everyone I know about 2 weeks to get over and left me weak and drained, then I got this cold.  For thanksgiving I just want to feel better physically and mentally every day and I know I am going to.  I have a lot to be thankful for. 

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