Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

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When I woke up this morning I discovered it rained last night! Woo-hoo! Between 7 and 9 a.m. I went out and pulled weeds even though it was misty. After a week of temps near or at 100 degrees cool mist felt great. The bugs have eaten my garden up. Why is it they do not eat the weeds? I had planted marigolds around my boxes as a natural deterrent but they ate those too. My tomatoes are doing great and I still have onions, strawberries and peppers. Next year I am not going to try strictly organic, and I am going to redo my boxes so they are up on legs I don't expect them being on legs to deter the insects but will be easier on my back. I put down weed cloth but the Bermuda grass grew into the boxes through weed cloth and about 20 layers of newspaper. When I made the boxes I had cleaned up 2 dumpsters full of weeds from that area but I didn't see any bermuda in the garden.  Where it came from I don't know but once we started watering ---up it popped--- everywhere I didn't want it. I keep trying to pull it up but I truly expect to have lovely garden boxes of thick grass before the summer is over. In my flowerbed I  have 2 pink dahlias coming up. I am very excited because I have never grown dahlias before. My knock out roses are blooming but the other roses are dead. If I knew where the dadgum receipt was I would pull them up and take them back. Every grocery store and McDonald's receipt stays in the bottom of my purse forever but any receipt I need? no. I have told myself a billion times to make a place for receipts. Since I am starting this new life as a retired person I am going to start off by doing some of those things I should have been doing all along.

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