Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Love a Sale!! and a PLANT sale?! Nothin' better!

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Lenise! YOU rock!  Thank you! She let me know that Market Street United (a Tx grocery store chain for those of you not from here) had put some plants on sale for 50 CENTS!!!  my daughter and I rushed across town to the store.  We were almost too late but we got one basketful!  3 rose bushes...yes, rose bushes ! 50cents! The one in the  above left photo has pink buds, the one on the right has a big white rose on the top...kinda hard to see.  6 mandevillas (pictured in this crate)and a $12.99 dahlia! 50 cents! I was so happy...i love plants, i love sales, and plants on sale that don't even look dead?!?!? woohoo!

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carmel said...

Oh I wish I had known! I love to rescue plants too. Especially ones on sale...