Friday, June 18, 2010

going deaf and getting blind...not a good combination

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I have paid on my eyeglass insurance for a very long time and since it has been 2 years since they have assisted me with glasses I decided I would get a spare pair before my retirement is official ..... so I got my purse and put in my hearing aides and my daughter Casey took me to Eyemart Express.  I'd better back up....back in the fall when Zoe was just a puppy she got my glasses off an end table while I was asleep.  She is the first dog I have ever had that ever messed with my glasses.  I didn't have money for a new pair of glasses, not even the insurance copay, so I went to an optometrist that did not take our brand of eyeglass insurance but would let city employees do payroll deduction.  Over $500 because I need ultra thin lens (and still they look like coke bottles) and transitions because my eyes are sensitive to light. Then later in the winter I was sick with a cold, fell asleep in my big chair, must have taken my glasses off in my sleep & dropped them...Zoe got them again money for my insurance copay so I ordered another pair from the payroll deduction optometrist, over $500 again.  Well, if you don't have an Eyemart Express where you live they have these really annoying commercials featuring a woman saying in a very shocked and indignant voice "My last pair of glasses was over five HUNDRED dollars" (from somewhere else).  So, since Eyemart Express does take my insurance I went there to get my glasses because that commercial indicates they won't be $500.  Since my insurance won't cover the ultra thin lens or the transitions (usually around $350) I want the least expensive place, right?  Casey finds me the cutest frames, I loved them, and I proceed to get them ordered.  I have a copy of my prescription from the payroll deduction Dr.  This young woman takes my glasses and says "those are thin lens??"  Then I hand her the prescription, she looks at it and says just a moment and off to the back she goes.  She comes back and said my prescription is too strong...they can't fill it.  They can't fill it?? Now I was feeling a little shocked and indignant.  I loved those frames too...but on the positive side, I didn't cry! Meds must be kickin' in!

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