Monday, June 21, 2010

I Should Have Named This....

Post # 32
I should have named this the most boring blog on the net but the site meter says 110 somebodies have been here. it doesn't count me and it doesn't tell me who you are so who are you?  Leave me a comment and just say hi or email me.  My positive thought for the day is....thank goodness I don't have to get out in this weather...because it is close to 100 degrees outside.  Best part of retirement...I can stay up most of the night when it's cool and sleep in the daytime when it is hot, except the next 2 weeks when we will have my grandsons. Where my sister lives it was 108 today.   I am collecting frugal living tipsPlease share yours.  My first tip... I have bought some5 gal. buckets.  Normally when I turn the shower on I run the water until it gets warm before I get I catch that water in a bucket to use to water the garden.  Same thing for getting hot water to the dishwasher before I turn it own.   You would not believe how much water I previously just ran down the drain.   I can add a separate page to the blog and I will list all tips there just in case you want to be frugal too.

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