Thursday, July 8, 2010

post # 52 why i don't have money...

because i spend it.  When i got my tax return i bought a Bissell steam mop (rated #1 by comsumer reports for budget steam cleaners)  It was something like $60 on sale at Target.  I have wanted a steam mop ever since i saw the first comercial for shark steam cleaners a couple of years ago but i kept thinking how my poor mother would spin in her grave at the thought of me spending this kind of money on a mop but since i have 3 dogs, 2 grandsons, 2 or more grown ups coming in and out of my front yard where we are trying to get grass seed to grow (thus we have lots of mud, or dry dirt that sticks to paws and shoes until it touches the floor) plus the fact that all of us seem to spill things on a regular basis my floors often need mopping. Actually i like mopping but no matter how hard i wrung out the mop my floors would be wet long enough for a dog or two to come in the doggie door and track paw prints on the wet floor, or more likely me wanting to get to the fridge or something before the floor got dry.  With Casey's fibromyalgia she doesn't need to be lifting heavy buckets of water, and mopping with a regular mop hurt her back, mine too, so i finally decided i was going to get a steam mop.  I LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!  You fill a little canister with distilled water...i'm guessing it holds 2-3 cups ...plug it in and give it about 30 seconds until the indicator light says it is hot and off you go.  It takes no time at all to mop and the floor is dry in about 20 seconds....really.  I read some comsumer reviews that said it left puddles of water but so far i have not seen that.  It has a cotton mop cloth that you throw in the washer.  It is far easier to mop with than a regular mop, takes way less time, and since it steams i feel like it is getting the floor really clean. You don't have to buy special products, except the recommended distilled water rather than tap. Around the toilet i sprayed a couple of squirts of vinegar to kill bacteria and then steamed that area, just because i have discovered the wonders of vinegar.   Best sticking your mop repeatedly in a bucket of water and wringing it out by hand.

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