Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday, Monday

Post # 50            FLYlady has really encouraged me.  I love getting all her emails, I love her method of getting things done.  I love that she says quit thinking negative thoughts and quit thinking you have to do everything at once.  Today I totally, totally cleaned my bathroom. Since it had not been cleaned since I went to the hospital it really needed it.  I felt so good about myself and so pleased to see my beautiful bathroom back, and with her daily swish and swipe method I know I can keep it clean every day in about 2 minutes.   Go to if you are interested.  The bathroom was what I got accomplished earlier today.  After a nap I felt so good about getting something accomplished I tackled the fridge next.  It hadn't been cleaned since way before I went to the hospital.  The new rule is if you spill something in the fridge clean it up right then.  Getting those two things done just exhausted me.  When you have really severe depression exhaustion is not even a good enough term to describe how you feel.  It feels like someone has turned on the faucet and drained every bit of  strength or energy you ever had out of your body and replaced it with lead. And that is what you feel before you actually attempt to get something accomplished.  I was able to do more today than I have in a long time, but I tried to read another book and just couldn't stay focused enough to read.  I can't believe I have all this time available to read and I just can't.  I will be glad when I get over this bump in the road.  Meanwhile Casey and Brent got home from their trips safe and sound so really all is well in Carol's world.

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