Wednesday, July 21, 2010

blundering with my blog

Post # 57            AArrgghhh! For some reason I can no longer post photos here. I hunted for another free blog and had trouble there. I created one on wordpress. That wasn't good. No colored text there. I need color, colors make me happy. I need to share pictures. I guess my blog is staying here until I find another free place that will let me do what I want to. I loved the old blog I had a couple of years ago and really really wish they had not gone out of business. Well, back to life. My new washer and dryer came in at Sears on the 15th. Delivery was $75 so my DS Brent insisted he would pick them up for me. INSISTED. They came in Thurs, he was going to pick them up after work on Friday. I forget why but that didn't happen. He was going to get them on Saturday. Didn't happen. Would get them Sunday afternoon for sure. Ya know what happened. nothing. Definitely Monday after work. Well, Monday night we all went out to eat together to celebrate (1) my washer & dryer, (2) Trey's saving Taco Villa from burning down (THAT is another story), (3)Becky's finding out she will have a job interview on Wed.....same company, just would be a very nice promotion, (4) Brent and Kali's baby...she is starting to have a baby bump and (5) Casey just because she is a very sweet DD who takes good care of me. After our meal we went to Sears and actually got the washer and dryer loaded on a trailer attached to Kali's jeep. Casey and I drove off for home assuming we would have appliances installed in just a few minutes. No. Brent calls and his friend in the next little town needs him to come pull him out of a ditch. It is 8 pm. My washer and dryer are on the trailer. Not in my utility room. Brent parks the jeep and the trailer in a locked fence area at the place where he works and he and Kali take off in his truck to go pull out his friend. Promises he will bring them to me Tuesday night, right after work. OK fine. It's not like I have to have them, and I know they are locked up (Casey drove by just to be sure) It is now Tuesday night. He doesn't show up by 6 pm so Casey texts her brother. They are going to eat and then be right over. I had offered earlier in the day to cook supper for them since he would be here installing my washer and dryer but no, that's ok, they will eat at home then be over. Now, I am a patient woman but at 8 pm tues night...I get a text, Mom would you be really mad.... i should have said yes, yes Brent I would...but I said fine BUT tomorrow night... (my therapist will not approve)
If i do not have my new washer and dryer in my utility room, hooked up and functioning by 7 pm tomorrow I will not need them because I will be in jail for beating my son with a wet noodle. or a Louisville slugger. Have you ever heard that Carrie Underwood song....maybe I will just go after his truck.

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