Thursday, July 1, 2010


Post # 43       We ARE in a cold spell!  Tomorrow will be in the mid 80's again and there is a chance for rain all weekend. RAIN!  I hope it drizzles for several days straight.   As my daughter left tonight she said 1st thing in the morning she would come mow so I decided since it was very nice out around 9 pm, 72 I think it was,  I would get out the mower and do it myself, so I did..  I love my lawn mower.  My fescue is not doing so well.  The series of 90-100 degree days just about did it in, plus 3 dogs wetting on it.  I am hoping about September when it stays in the 70's and 80's the grass will recover.  When I checked the garden tonight...I hadn't been out there in several days...I was pleased to see little baby squash growing on one plant, a couple of tiny bell peppers, 4 yellow peppers, and a tiny eggplant growing.  This morning my grandsons picked strawberries...maybe 8.  My bean vines are still just about 4 inches tall...they are just sitting there.  My tomatoes are doing well.  The okra and canteloupe are still alive but not growing.  I don't know why. I tried square foot gardening this year but I didn't spend the money on what is referred to as Mel's Mix...1/3 vermiculite, 1/3 peat moss and 1/3 compost from 5 different sources (such as cow, rabbit, chicken, horse, goat, worm, or even cow manure from 5 different companies...not dog or cat).  I just bought bags of raised bed garden mix and added lots of coffee grounds from Starbucks, and some Miracle Grow.  I am going to try it again next year but go with that formula, added to what I already have and the compost I am making.  I got a real late start since I was in the hospital in late April and then the whole months of May and June I have pretty much vegetated instead of making more boxes so I could plant more. My son gave me cattle panels and I intended to grow watermelon, beans, peas and canteloupe on them but he hasn't brought the t-posts to me so we never got them up...but I am going to get them someday and Casey and I will build the arches for next year.  My flowerbeds don't look like I wanted them to...I just did not have a green thumb this year but I plan on next year being better.  My plan was to have a lush garden, gorgeous flowerbeds and a fenced lined with roses.  Well, so much for that.  We have bermuda grass in the front does anyone have a flowerbed and keep the bermuda out?

      Anybody who knows me knows if there is a choice between reading a book and cleaning the house, well cleaning can wait. Actually, if there is a choice between cleaning and anything else I usually pick "anything else." tomorrow is my actual 1st day of retirement...even tho I have not been to work in 2 months.... so I think it is time to change my ways.  I am enlisting the help of  I have been to her site half a dozen times in the past, saw her on a morning show several years ago, recently checked out her website again and decided I am going to give her method a shot, except for that put your shoes on first thing in the morning thing.  I'll let you know how that works out for me.  July is going to be the month I feel better and get lots done.  My meds will have had the opportunity to really get in my system and do what they are suppose to do.  I plan on being a new woman.
   I think the dryer stopped so I am going to put clean sheets on the bed and get in it.  I have my grandsons for 2 more days and then they go back to their dad's. I plan to have fun the next two days playing game after game after game.  We have Scrabble, Yahtzee, Uno, Phase 10, In a Pickle, dominoes, Monopoly and Mason wants to teach me how to play Spades.

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