Thursday, July 8, 2010


Post # 53       In my searching for ways to live more frugally I have discovered vinegar. The acid in vinegar kills bacteria.   Click on the link below to Reader's Digest list of 175 uses for vinegar.  The one i can hardly wait to try is spraying vinegar on your windshield when a frost is expected and your windshield will not freeze over.  A tablespoon in the dog water bowl is a natural deterent to fleas and ticks but don't try this for cats, they hate vinegar.  I now have $ store spray bottles filled with vinegar under every sink.  You can use it for a vegetable cleaner (vinegar kills bacteria, then rinse off with water), i use it for a cleaner for my sink, stovetop, fridge door, door handles, counters.  FLYlady suggests a swish and swipe method every day to keep your bathroom clean.  I spray the sink, faucet, mirror with vinegar, let it sit a minute then wipe down with a paper towel.  Spray the toilet seat & rim with vinegar then use that same paper towel to wipe it off, spray some vinegar in the bowl and swish with your toilet bowl brush and your bathroom is clean.  takes just a minute. I sprayed the kitchen window sill when i saw baby sugar ants and that got rid of them, sprayed vinegar on weeds and it killed them.

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