Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brent will live to see another day

Post # 58  Yay! DS Brent brought my washer and dryer tonight. I would love to post a photo of them here if I could. I may move my blog to Shutterfly...I think you have to sign up if you want to view my things but signing up for shutterfly doesn't cost you anything and in fact they give new people something like 50 photos free for signing up. Back to the w/d...Now I just need to sell the old ones if you know anyone who needs them. $225 for the pair. Honestly they are good appliances, I just hate them because I bought them from my son's X-mother-in-law and it makes me sad every time I look at them ('cause Gail divorced my son). I bought a front load Energy Star stackable washer and dryer and they will be the last ones I ever buy, unless I live to be a 100 or something. Brent, Kali, Becky, Casey and I had a nice dinner and visit. The girls and I made salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, pea salad, homemade cream style corn,& Sister Scubert rolls. Those dinner rolls are so awesome I didn't care if it was 90 degrees outside...we had the oven on anyway. Cantelope and watermelon for dessert but we were too stuffed. Casey and I went to a Wal-mart yesterday and a different one today and I noticed the price of numerous things was higher at one than the other one. If you live where I live the one on Georgia is the cheaper one. For instance watermelons were $2 on Georgia and $3.88 at Tascosa Rd. Looked like the same watermelons to me, probably came from the same field. Once I was thumping watermelons like I would know what I was suppose to be hearing when the guy stocking cantelopes next to the watermelon bin said to me "they all came out of the same field"....I gather he had heard all the watermelon thumping he wanted to for one day. This dang keeps underlining cantelope to let me know I misspelled it but spell check is no longer an left when 'add photos' disappeared. Anyway, Casey and I found geraniums half price so I got 2 big pots of red ones to go in front of the fireplace. If you know me you know I have been selling jewelry for a couple of years. After mid-September I will no longer be selling jewelry. I received a new catalog from the company this week and it is the best catalog yet. I am sending in two more orders, August 15th and September 5th. If you want to order anything I will forego my profit and let you order at my cost. Very good deal if you want to do some early Christmas shopping. On a very sad note I hope Oprah's No Phone Zone becomes common. This weekend a woman a couple of years younger than me was struck and killed while riding her bike with a local cycling club. She had a husband and 16 yr old daughter who needed her. Her cycling club friends saw her die. The driver was a 24 yr old man who dropped his cell phone and took his eyes off the road to pick the cell phone up, veered out of his lane and accidentally slammed in to the lady on her bike. It is a tragedy all the way around. That poor man will have a long life ahead of him to remember seeing her in front of his truck when he looked up. It could happen to any of us who talks or texts while driving and I know too many people who do. So PLEASE don't.

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