Saturday, March 24, 2012

OK, Figured Out What I Am Going To Do

  1. I am going to cancel internet for a bit and get it back when my son moves to Washington, assuming he gets accepted at U of Wa...won't know until late May...or when I think I can afford it again, find the best deal, and if I even miss having the internet at home. Meanwhile, will see if I can find a cheaper provider, and if you know of one let me know.  When I put the trailer on this lot a couple of years ago I did not pay to have telephone wires brought to the house.  I don't remember exactly why...cutting costs probably.  I knew I planned to just have a cell phone.  Seems like I was going to have them run but the driveway concrete was already poured and they were suppose to be run underground right there....or I just dreamed that up.  Lordy, too much bad stuff has happened since then for me to remember but the important thing is I do not have phone service connections to my house so that means for the most part I have to have a sattelite internet service.  And if I am confused about that then tell me.  I currently have Clear.  It works, except occassionally it won't, but for the most part it works, but it is slow.  The service is not the best.  I have spent half my life (OK, that is an exageration but it sure seems like it) trying to get them to fix it but the people I talk to just say something like (when they check my pings) "HUH, that IS bad service....and s.l.o.w. and you are only a mile from a tower.  You should have great service.  Pings are sure slow.....yeah, you are right, this is not working well....." but that is as far as we have ever gotten.  and it is $35.61 so if you know of another provider for me to check out that might be cheaper please let me know.  I will check my email every few days.  I can use the library computers or take my laptop and access the library net from the parking lot even.  I can take my laptop to several places in town, like McDonalds, which would also get me out of the house, so not a bad deal.  I'm wondering if the cost of gas to drive into town to one of these places will add up to price of net though, unless I have my laptop and stop on the way home from babysitting (and yes, my son has net but I am not getting on it while I am suppose to be babysitting...Taylor and I have too many other things to do while I am there...she gets my undivided attention). 
  2. I am going to write what would have been a blog post for a few people who seem to care and have said they will miss it. Probably just once a week.  If I have your email address I will send it to you IF YOU TELL ME YOU WANT ME TO.  YOU MUST GIVE ME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS (i have one for Tish,  Hope, & Tammy  so if that is not you then I don't have an email address for you).  If you don't want my blog post thoughts coming to your email IT WILL NOT HURT MY FEELINGS IN THE LEAST, I realize they are not prize worthy writings, are usually l.o.n.g. and are just me letting things flow out of my fingers mostly for therapy, and life is short. And by the way, Kathleen, got your invite to follow you on twitter but I don't twitter so I can't keep up with you that way and the email address I have no longer works.  I miss you so let me hear from you.  I want to hear all about Yellowstone for sure! 

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