Monday, March 5, 2012

6th Street Trolley

Beilue: Man nears trolley vision | Amarillo

A trolley.. of sorts ... is coming to 6th Street (Historic Old Route 66) in Amarillo!  I can hardly wait! I have emailed some girlfriends to see if we can get together and ride the trolley and "do 6th Street" --- stroll through the antique shops, etc some warm day before temperatures decide to hit 100 and stay there.  At Christmastime, the trolley owner wants to take people through Wolflin ... an area of very large homes that decorate beautifully for the season.  Awesome! I want to go! I have always wanted to ride in the horse drawn carriages that tour Wolflin in December but they are way out of my budget.  The trolley sounds like it will be more in my budget.  I am happy!


~It's Just Me~ said...

That sounds so fun! I wish I could come along. Of course, I wish I could just put one of my hairs back on Texas soil too. ^^

Carol said...

wish you were here!

Anonymous said...

I want to do that. Hope gas doesn't get so high that I can't make it back to Amarillo.