Friday, March 2, 2012

Quote of the Day! :)

If you like, here is a link to an article I read in our paper today.  It is an inspiring one but one line in it cracked me up and so it is my quote of the day ...  Re: their marriage of 54 years...Sherry Civil says “I married Bob for money and I’m going to stay with him until we get some.”  I love it!  :)

Jon Mark Beilue: One-handed 'adventure' as woman overcomes stroke to reclaim quilting hobby | Amarillo Globe-News


Anonymous said...

I remember Bob and Sherry when they lived here. I did not know that she had suffered a stroke until a friend of mine had sent me this article. I had just finished reading it to Duane when I opened this email. Special people.

Carol said...

Well, it is just a small world. They sound like fun people to be around and she sure is an inspiration.