Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rice Socks

Other than my dogs I sleep alone and in the winter my feet just freeze.  Rice socks fix that problem.  Take a clean, white, heavy, tube sock and stuff it with uncooked regular rice.  Tie the end securely and microwave for 2 minutes or so.  Cuddle between your feet.  Also good for anywhere heat would feel good.  My dogs love these too.  Absolutely wonderful if you want to be frugal and keep the thermostat turned down.  I have rested one on my shoulders or in my lap while I sit and watch tv and the warmth is just wonderful.  I tried making one out of a pretty, soft, socks-to-stay-home-in sock but the weave was not tight enough and rice came out.  You can put one over your athletic sock of rice though I would think.  If I had a sewing machine I think I would take a piece of flannel and make one for my granddaughter's crib.  Would not want a regular sock that rice could possibly leak out of for her to choke on.  Do you think a flannel envelope with the rice sewn inside would work?


~It's Just Me~ said...

Oh, that's such a lovely idea! I think that having a rice bag/sock that is separate inside a flannel bag would be perfect for a little one to cuddle. Would love to see pictures if you make one for your granddaughter.

KMOthus said...

Cool idea!