Friday, October 7, 2011

Meet My Neighbors

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September 29th    Yes, this is posted AFTER a 10/7/11 post....i wrote it, thought i posted it, but i didn't so now i am.   My Crocs came!  I am sooo happy with them! Heaven on my feet! When I got home today I was hoping to see the box in my driveway but no box.  Checked my mailbox and there was the little slip from the mailman saying I could pick my pkg up tomorrow at the P.O.  I knew I had to have just missed him so I got back in the car and toodled around the neighborhood looking for the mail truck.  Found it just a few streets over and got my package from him.  Made me happy! When I pulled over to cut off the mail truck ---yes, I did, was NOT gonna let him get away! :)---he was in front of a house where a big bird lives.  I don't live in the country but I live on the north edge of town.  Sorta where "the country" meets "town."  Here is a photo I took today of their bird.  I took the photo from inside my car.  I am not a big fan of birds. Especially big birds.   Unless they are yellow and live on Sesame Street.
Why, yes, I do always have my camera out ready to take pictures of the neighbors, why do you ask?  But back to my post.  I live on a really long block.  These are my closest neighbors to the south...
I am sitting on the I-27 frontage eastern side street looking west.  That row of trees intersects the block down the middle, there is a creek there, dividing the block in half.  If you had really good vision, or if I had a really good camera, you would be able to see some horses and cows back there towards the line of trees.  East to west is the narrow part of the block. The east length borders the highway frontage road.  I have measured it and from one corner to the other is a half a mile, i think, if i remember correctly.  Anyway, along with the horses and cows there also lives a small herd of sheep. Going around the corner is a couple of horses....again.....if i had a better camera or if you have great vision you would see some horses there  in the right corner

and galloping down the street (view from my front door)

and right next door 3 dobermans, 4 doberman puppies, a  pit bull and  a cute little schnauzer...(here are two of the dobermans and the pit bull)
 I hear that the emu is the best "watchdog" of the bunch!

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