Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just some photos

I have some new closest neighbors to the south....
I have 3 dogs and they have to roam in a pretty small yard considering they can't be in the back yard because of the the pit bull and 7 dobermans next door that meet them at the fence so ALL of them can bark and growl but anyway, small front yard and 3 dogs so why on earth would I just have found my 3rd box turtle in that little yard this year??? I'd think the turtles would be afraid of the dogs, but no, evidently not because here is number 3.  I picked him up with a shovel and put him outside of the fence. 

MY boys of fall

she is walking!!!!


~It's Just Me~ said...

She is too Cute!! And Soooo proud of herself, "here I come Grandma!" That box turtle is a very rare one to find in the wild now days. I also think it is protected in the few states that still see the random one around. You are very lucky to have several living around your home! They live in the same general area all of their lives and will go to great lengths to get back to their home if ever taken away from it. What an awesome healthy turtle, and great picture!!

~It's Just Me~ said...

Is it just the picture or are those football helmets really that big compared to your boys?? hat great looking kids! ^^