Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We are in trouble now!

Post # 142
       I didn't see Taylor for 4 days and she cut two upper teeth, learned to say da-da  and she starting crawling today.  When her Momma came home from work she crawled right over to her.  I wasn't there...darn, it was on Casey's time to babysit but I am glad she got to see Taylor's first time to crawl. Brent and Kali have no idea how many things she will be able to get into now! but it is exciting to see her learn new things.
   I think the heat is getting to my dogs.  It has been so hot this summer they don't want to go outside and play.  All afternoon they took turns coming up and pawing me as they have been doing for a week or two and I just don't know what they want.  Bless their hearts, they would pat me with their paws, look at me with the saddest puppy dog eyes like they were trying to tell me something.  They have food, water, a doggie door, dog biscuits, toys, each other but I think they are just plain bored.  Usually when we go to bed around 10 p.m. it is still 90 degrees outside and this is day 44 of 100 degree or higher daytime temperatures.  I don't think I have ever looked forward to winter like I am now.  I watched a rerun of NCIS tonight.  It was Christmas time, it was snowing, it looked heavenly. The dogs will love it when it snows too. 

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