Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cousins, Clouds, Crawling Post # 139

Tonight Brent, Kali and Taylor came over to have dinner with Becky,
Travis, Mason and me. Taylor's mommy fixed her up so cute. I had the
 lighting all wrong for this photo but her shirt is lilac and white
 checked and she had on little jeans. Her mom had polished her
toenails with purple sparkly nail polish! She loves Mason and Travis.

Taylor is trying to crawl. She can get up on her hands and knees
but doesn't know how to get it in gear and move.


These are my guard dogs! Alert and on duty all the time!

We had some clouds this week but didn't get any rain.
 Today was our 41st day this summer to be in the triple digit temperatures.

and I did several things this week to move out of
my agoraphobia comfort zone so I bought
myself some flowers.  Love those $4
grocery store bouquets!


~It's Just Me~ said...

Your bouquet is beautiful! :)

Carol said...

Thank you, It's just me! I haven't had a comment in a very long time so what a pleasure it was to see that I had one today! Thank you. The bouquet is beautiful in person. Butter yellow carnations and pink giant snapdragons. I don't know what I have done to my camera that the photos are so dark. I'm going to your blog now. Thanks again!

Carol said...

It's Just Me, I went to your blog, the last one listed, and tried to leave a post but it wouldn't let me ` so I hope you come back to my blog and see this! here is my post for you,,,
I tried to post a comment but it told me I couldn't so I'm not taking no for an answer and trying again! I am going to follow you to see what you decide to do with this blog. Have a wonderful Sunday!