Sunday, August 21, 2011

Feeding hungry cats and dogs

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Max ~ he thinks he is human
and likes to sit on the swing outside
while overseeing his kingdom
 I just love animals.  I don't have a cat because my daughter is allergic, I don't have farm animals because I can't afford to care for them, I don't have llamas or alpacas for the same reason, but I wish I did.  However, I have my 3 dogs and right now one of my granddogs lives with me.  My fence is chain link so anyone driving down our street can see that I have a small pack of dogs and I think my neighbors must think of me as the crazy dog lady because if a stray dog is spotted in the neighborhood they often stop and ask "is that your dog?" My niece, one of my son's and I really wish we could have a dog ranch where every stray dog could have a home, plenty to eat, never fight or make babies, just live a happy life.  Since that is not a reasonable goal the 3 of us just do what we can.  My niece carries dog food in her SUV so she can feed stray dogs she may come upon.  When a stray dog is on my street I set out food, water and call the number on their tag if they have one. I have just added freekibble banners on my blog.  If click on them or if you go to you can answer a trivia question and no matter if your answer is right or wrong a sponsor donates kibbles to shelters.  It was founded by an 11 year old girl and as of last month had donations of over 400 tons of kibble for rescue shelters and food banks ... read their "about" post if you are interested.  Pretty amazing what an 11 year old started.  
Gracie ~ got her as an adult dog
weighing 6 lbs and in this photo she
now weighs 15 lbs.  She was almost
starved to death.

P.S.  If you want to bring an animal into your family please check with your local SPCA, shelter or rescues.  My white schnauzer and my black schnauzer were both "throw away dogs" and they are as precious as can be.  I often wonder what their story was, before they became my babies. Gracie was 3/4 dead and at the dog pound...we got her on her last day before they would put her down.  Max was just a baby that someone got tired of real quick and wanted to get rid of him.  He is the best dog ever.

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