Saturday, August 27, 2011

72 Hour Kit

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I feel so sorry for all those people who reside on the east coast.  I can not even imagine that many people needing to evacuate and one of the first things I thought of was....I have never been to New York but I know New Yorkers most often do not own a car.  So, what on earth do they do when they need to evacuate and they have pets???  I can't imagine going off and leaving your pets behind.....I remember how horrible that was for victims of hurricane Katrina.  A few posts back I told you about my dogs' 72 hour kit   (July12, 2011  post # 107   My dogs' backpack).   As long as I can remember my church has counseled us to have a 72 hour kit ready at all times (for people). In my part of the world we have had wild fires at least weekly, if not daily this summer in the Texas panhandle...had 2 just outside of town today in fact.  Everything is so dry and the wind blows like crazy here and a wild fire can consume acres quickly.  Over 80 families in my area lost their homes to grass fires in one day this summer. We also live in tornado alley. A neighboring town had to evacuate an area when an underground natural gas pipeline exploded. You just never know when you will need that 72 hour kit. For me medications are essential so make sure you have at least of 3 days prescription medication in your backpack or purse (when you get a prescription refilled take this 3 day supply out to use and replace it with a fresh 3 day supply).  Before an emergency happens in your area prepare a backpack for each person in your family now so it is ready... Now that school has started places will have backpacks marked down pretty soon. Anyway, I suggest a washcloth in a ziplock bag (actually everything in its own ziplock bag so if something leaks everything isn't ruined), socks, an old pair of shoes (I'm thinking if you were in a flood with your shoes sopping wet and you were cold you would welcome anything else to put on your feet), hooded sweatshirt jacket, an old t-shirt and sweatpants (if your emergency is in hot weather you can always cut them off), underwear, travel size hand soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, hand sanitizer, deodorant, comb, brush, shampoo, hand towel, lotion, pen or pencil and pad of paper, list of phone #'s in case your cell doesn't work, some cash (ATMs might not have power), small first aid kit or at least bandaids & antibiotic ointment, a pain reliever, tampons or pads, flashlight, a roll ( or partial roll) of toilet tissue. If you have room for a small blanket and travel size or inflatable pillow stick it in there too.   Just think about what you would wish you had if you had to evacuate and stay in a shelter of some kind for a couple of days.  Pony tail holders, a small pair of scissors, playing cards?  Just remember not too heavy, each person needs to be able to carry their own backpack. What else do you have in your 72 hour kit?    and if you think of something else for my dogs' backpack please let me know.

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