Sunday, August 14, 2011

Some of my favorite things (other than people, animals and plants) part III

Post # 135
I love cloth napkins. I counted the napkins in this basket today....39, all purchased at garage sales, or on sale at Kohls, or at Walmart clearance isle. Why on earth do I need 39? (obviously one must be in the dirty clothes basket) I could not come up with 39 people to have over for a meal if I tried. And my table seats 4 people. That's ok. I use them every day for me. Soft from many washings cotton, or smooth, silky polyester napkins feel so much better than paper napkins and no tree was injured in their creation, to my knowledge. At least one of my children thinks this is sorta bonkers because I eat almost every meal in my big comfy chair since it is just me and the dogs, not at my table. Well, cloth napkins work really well wherever I eat. If I start tying cloth napkins around my dogs' necks when they eat that might be time to wonder about me.

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