Thursday, May 27, 2010

My first garden sculpture

Post #3
In this photo it looks like the pots are attached to the fence but they aren't. It is actually about 2 feet from the fence in the middle of what will be a 12' flower bed in a few days. I learned how to do this from another square foot gardener who had one in his garden and posted it on the website (thanks, Josh). First you hammer a 5' length of rebar in the ground about a foot. Fill your pots with potting soil then run the pots down the rebar through the drainage hole, angling the pots. Repeat and then plant. I planted moss rose in each of my pots because I really like it, because some summers it has been the only flower I have been able to keep alive, and it reseeds itself. This will be beautiful when the moss rose is covered in blooms but I just finished making it and couldn't wait to post the photo. I was pretty proud of myself for accomplishing something. :)

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