Saturday, May 29, 2010

How Does My Garden Grow?

Post # 6    Slowly, for an impatient person! The little bit of marble size hail last week beat holes in leaves (these photos were taken before the hail). My veggie bedding plants have been in the ground 25 days and everything seems to be alive, but just sitting there. Oh, that's not true. The cauliflower plants are about 3 times as big as when I planted them and onions have sprouted like crazy. We have tiny strawberries. The tomatoes are covered in blooms and/or tomatoes but I don't think the plants have grown any. Last time I had a real garden was about 25 yrs ago so I don't remember how fast things grow. On the squarefootgardening website people have photos posted of tomatoes growing up trellises and huge squash vines so I think mine should be too. In a month maybe mine will be. AARRGGHHH! And today ...while I let the dogs in the garden with me while I planted flowers--one of the dogs plucked my biggest green tomato about five minutes after I watered and admired it and they spit it out after chewing on it. I guess a very green tomato is pretty yucky. Hhmmm, let's see, Max--- most perfect dog in the world, Gracie--not really a chewer, Zoe--has chewed on 3 pair of glasses, 3 cell phones, a new recliner, 2 pair of new jogging shoes, chews up coke cans, plastic dog dishes, pens & pencils, a lilac bush, A/C unit pipe, garden hose, a calculator, entire checkbook, multiple dog beds, the kitchen rug ... my money is on Zoe for getting my tomato....but Gracie can be a little sneaky. Maybe they thought it looked like one of their little balls. In the whole scheme of things one green tomato is nothing to get upset over, later in the summer I thing I will be covered up in tomatos but still, all dogs are now banned from the garden. why do I still have Zoe you say? Because she loves me unconditionally and I her, she is still a puppy & she is learning, when I am in the depression hell hole she can make me smile, and she is teaching us to either put things where they belong or hide them. By the way, I've decided she needs a middle name, I think Marley is a good fit.

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