Friday, May 28, 2010

Botanical Garden

Because I have anxiety and depression issues at the moment I only want to do two things....stay in my house and putter in my garden. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for my garden. It has been a lifesaver, otherwise I would just want to stay in my house. My therapist says I need to leave home and visit the real world every day so my 4 kids (they are adults) take me on 'outings' ---sometimes also called 'dragging me out of the house'. Heaven to Betsy, I sound like a pathetic old woman. Really I'm not, I am a young 56 yr old, chronically tired but for the most part upbeat happy woman. Normally no one on earth would believe I suffer with depression but I have for decades. I just hide it well and try to be the pleasantest person at work and as David Hartman use to say at the end of every GMA "go out and MAKE it a good day." For anyone not in the baby boomer age bracket he was the first host of Good Morning America. A very good friend used to remind me all the time what Mr. Hartman said. Some things---like mental illness--- are not a choice, but the way I react to my experiences always is a choice (but sometimes not with a mental illness) Anyway, this week my son and I went to the Botanical Gardens for a 'get out of my house trip.' Through the end of June admission is free so I should go at least one more time. OK, 4 more times. I need color in my life, I mean I really need color, it cheers me up, and nothing is like the pure color of flowers. We had a wonderful time. Practically no one else was there so my anxiety wasn't a problem and the flowers and ponds fed my soul. Here are some photos of the flowers we saw that day at the Botanical Gardens...uh, well, they got posted up there at the top somehow...

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