Thursday, May 27, 2010

Everything's Coming Up Roses

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Well, yes and no. A couple of months ago, like March, I went to a $4 rose sale and purchased a bunch of rose bushes...some Knock Out Roses and then some hybrid tea roses, climbers and a floribunda or two. I kept all these roses, seems like I have 27, in the tub in my bathroom. (the plan was to line the chain link fence with roses so the dogs couldn't see all the cats taunting them causing my dogs to bark their heads off. Was that purchase a manic moment? probably but that's another story) Anyway, the bathroom just has a little frosted window but no real light. Those roses looked wonderful, at least 5 of them bloomed during their 2 month stay in the bathtub! These roses that need at least 6 hours of daylight. Bloomed in the bathtub! They were covered in beautiful green leaves, buds, good looking roses for two months. (Why didn't I plant them? We were still having freezing temperatures at night) Well, it warms up to mid 60's so my son and my daughter plant them for me. These roses now have sun. They have water. They have had rose food. They have had rain. Most of them have lost all their leaves, don't look like they could produce a bud if they had to, and look like dead sticks. About 5 look like they are trying to rally and pull through. These pink roses pictured here are my pride & joy and are from a *Knock Out Rose we planted when we moved in late last fall. It looked dead all winter but WOW! That $4 rosebush has performed great! The yellow rose I previously posted is also a $4 bush. The yellow bud grew while it was in the bathtub and opened a couple of days after it was planted before it dropped all it's leaves. ('s putting on leaves!) You just can't beat Knock Out Roses (and nobody even pays me to say this!) I think my rose bushes will use this summer to develope a root system --and-- just wait and see what they do next year! That's my story anyway.
*Knock Out Roses developed to grow in just about any kind of soil, be pest, heat & disease resistent, require little care and to bloom abundantly spring through fall. Currently the most sold rose in North America according to their website.

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